Freemuslim Criticizes Violation of Muslims’ Rights in India and Egypt

Freemuslim association, dependent to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi published two separate statements to express its serious concerns over the violation of the Muslims’ rights in India and criticized the heavy clampdowns against political dissidents in Egypt. Here come some parts of the statements:

“According to reports provided by official organizations, the Muslim minority of India continues to suffer from discriminatory behaviors by elements in the Indian government. Despite being a country with a Hindu majority, India is still recognized as one of the most religiously diverse nations around the globe. However, this country has a long history of discrimination and violent crackdowns against its Muslim minority. The shocking case of Asifa’s murder, an Indian Muslim girl, who was captured by several police officers and was brutally killed at a Hindu temple, is believed to be the tip of an iceberg. The killing of the young Muslim girl by the Indian police officers was supposedly an attempt to intimidate the local Muslim community and force them out of the region. Besides these gruesome actions, the Indian government has also set in motion plans to change the names of Muslim majority cities in order to wipe out Islam from the history of this country. Freemuslim association holds the Indian government accountable for all these discriminatory and violent behaviors and calls on the international community to intervene.

Along the same lines, Freemuslim association condemned crackdowns by the Egyptian government against its dissidents. In a statement, Freemuslim association expressed its deepest concerns over the violation of human rights, and the freedom of expression in this Muslim country. According to reports, the Egyptian government has begun large-scale operations to arrest opposition leaders and anti-government personages, in defiance to all human rights charters and norms. Freemuslim condemns the suppressive measures by the government and warns against the creation of a dictatorial establishment in Egypt. At the end, this human rights organization called on the Egyptian government to respect freedom of expression and democratic principles in this country.