Clerics, Poets and Quran Reciters Meet Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

Groups of clerics, poets and Quran reciters from holy Karbala met with the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi, following their visit to the shrine of Lady Fatima Masoumeh (peace be upon her) in holy Qom. During this meeting, these visitors offered reports of their activities to the Grand Jurist and listened to statements by his eminence.

In his turn, the Grand Jurist stated: “Pure hearts are very precious in the sight of almighty God. The youths, particularly the educated young people should purify their hearts and never wish bad things to people, even if they are your enemies. Instead, you should pray for everyone’s guidance and set the holy Prophet as your role model.” The Grand Ayatollah Shirazi then stated: “Each and every one of you should start today to purify your hearts. This will be the start of a new and successful life for you.” At the end of his remarks, the Grand Jurist said: “You come from holy Karbala, a city which houses the shrines of Imam Hussain and Hazrat Abbas (peace be upon them). You should use this privilege and improve on your spiritualties. I pray for your success in developing a pure heart and live a happy life in both worlds.” It is worth noting that these visitors also met with Sayed Hussein Shirazi and listened to statements by the Grand Jurist’s son.